Science has confirmed the ancient wisdom that Tao, the Source of all life, is a vibrational field. The Source Healing Field carries the Highest and Purest frequency and vibration with unlimited possibilities for healing and transformation of every aspect of one's life. 

Experience the visible beauty and invisible power of Tao Calligraphy.
The Source Healing Field is created by  special oneness calligraphies, by Dr. and Master Sha. 


Each Tao Calligraphy carry the highest messages and deepest wisdom from the Source, along with powerful blessings that can help you manifest the best life possible. In the high frequency and vibrational field of the Source Oneness Field, you can clear away the blockages and negative messages in your soul, heart, mind, and body that have been holding you back from living your Highest life.

I have been Blessed to have been personally chosen by Master Sha to receive 4 of his most powerful Original Tao Calligraphy scrolls: Tao, the Source; Source Love; Source Flourishing; and Source Enlightenment.

Each carries a unique and profound message.

Tao, the Source. The pure essence, Shen (soul, heart, mind-consciousness) Qi (energy) Jing (matter) of the Source and the nature of your True self...Awaken to your True Self! Carries the message of align with oneness is heal and transform all life. Tao-the Source, is not far from us, we are far from Tao-the Source...brings us closer to Tao-the Source.

Love. Melts all blockages, transforms all life and purifies your heart and soul.

Flourishing. Brings unlimited success in every aspect of life, finances, business, relationships, health, and more.

Enlightenment. Soul, heart, mind and body enlightenment is the final goal of your Soul Journey.


Come and experience the healing and transformative power of Tao Calligraphy!

Step into the extraordinary Tao Calligraphy Oneness Healing Field!

2 hours in the Source Oneness Field!

Unlimited Possibilities!


Please contact Janine for more info: 413 539-8999

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Come and experience this Breakthrough modality, that is bringing "miracle" healing and transformation to Countless people worldwide! Step into this very unique Source Healing Field! 

Step into this very unique Source Healing Field! 

You will be guided to experience Dr. and Master Sha's core technique, 6 Power Techniques® , to remove your root blockages, that are blocking you from Being the Highest You and Living your Highest Life!

Come and align your soul, heart, mind and body as One, for greater physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Come heal, rejuvenate, prevent sickness, transform your life, and elevate your spiritual journey, in a most extraordinary way!

1 hour group practice.

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM 

Only $20/session!

Discount packages are available! 

Package #1:

5 Tracing Sessions for ONLY $75!
Save $25! 
Regular fee is $100.

Package #2:

4 Tracing Sessions and 4 Permanent Light Treasures.
Only $250!
Save nearly 50%! 
Regular fee is $480


Please contact Janine for more info: 413 539-8999