"Inner and Outer Love, Peace and Harmony"

FREE weekly gathering!

Uplift your inner and outer life!

Modern science has revealed that everyone and everything is a vibrational field.

Love * Peace * Harmony carries a Very High vibration that can bring you the experience of
a quiet and peaceful mind, a joyful and open heart...and deep inner stillness. 

Come and experience the exquisite healing and transformative Field of Love, Peace and Harmony!

Be nourished with the LIGHT of Love, Peace and Harmony to:

* Reduce your stress.
* Recharge your energy.
* Balance your emotions.
* Empower and elevate your heart. 
* Harmonize your soul, heart, mind and body. 
* Transform every aspect of your life-health, relationships, finances and more.
* Uplift your consciousness.
* Enlighten your Spiritual Journey.

Link coming soon! 

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