It is with great love and joy that I bring my Mobile Tao Oneness Wellness Services to you!

Tao is the Source, the Ultimate Creator.
Tao Calligraphy carries the pure essence of Source Shen (
soul, heart, mind-consciousness) Qi (energy) Jing (matter), to heal and transform all life.

Your very own Extraordinary Healing Session!

Imagine being in the Highest Healing Field...the Source Healing Field!

I have been Blessed to have been personally chosen by Dr. and Master Sha to receive 4 of his most powerful Original Tao Calligraphy scrolls:
Tao-the Source; Greatest Love; Greatest Flourishing; and Greatest Enlightenment.

Each carries a unique and profound message.

Tao-the Source. The pure essence, Shen (soul, heart, mind-consciousness) Qi (energy) Jing (matter) of the Source and the nature of your True self...Awaken to your True Self! Carries the message of align with oneness is heal and transform all life. Tao-the Source, is not far from us, we are far from Tao-the Source...brings us closer to Tao-the Source.

Love. Melts all blockages, transforms all life and purifies your heart and soul.

Flourishing. Brings unlimited success in every aspect of your life, finances, business, relationships, health, and more.

Enlightenment. Soul, heart, mind and body enlightenment is the final goal of your Soul Journey.

Special Services!

Imagine the healing and transformation!

For your family, friends, pets, colleagues, residence, business and more!

The possibilities are endless!

For more information on how you can have your very own Sacred Source Healing Field experience,
please connect with Janine