For individuals, couples and small groups!


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Step into the Source Healing Field!

Your very own sacred space will be created for your session...
Heal...Transform...Reveal, re-connect with, re-align with your True self...​

And so much more!

You can choose to lie down...or you can recline in a comfortable chair...or you can sit on the floor and meditate...or you can apply the very powerful movement practices that are unique to Tao Calligraphy.

From the heart of the Source, your soul, heart, mind and body will be showered with the pure vibration of the Source.

Your soul, heart, mind and body will be immersed in the Source Oneness Healing and Transformation Field, created by 4 of Dr. and Master Sha's most powerful Tao Calligraphies: The Source, Source Love, Source Flourishing, and Source Enlightenment! 

Each carry the purest vibration of the Source and a unique message to nourish and nurture your soul heart, mind and body, bless your life and elevate the journey of your soul!

THE SOURCE (your True Nature): Carries the message of Oneness.
To align with oneness is heal and transform every aspect of life.
It is said that the Source is not far from us, we are far from the Source. Brings us closer to the Source.

Purifies and Activates the 7 Chakras, the Lower Dan Tian (sacred energy center in the body), Kundalini, and Wei Lu.

SOURCE LOVE: Melts all blockages, transforms all life and purifies your heart and soul.
Purifies and Activates the Heart Chakra, center for love and forgiveness, healing, life transformation, soul communication (opening spiritual channels), enlightenment, and more.

SOURCE FLOURISHING: Brings unlimited success to every aspect of you, your life and soul journey.
Purifies and Activates the Lower Dan Tian (sacred energy center in the body).

SOURCE ENLIGHTENMENT: Soul, heart, mind and body enlightenment is the final goal of your Soul Journey.
Purifies and Activates the Crown Chakra.

Each powerful Tao Calligraphy will nourish your soul, heart, mind and body, in the most extraordinary way!  

Change the blueprint of your life to Greater health, happiness and success!

Unlimited possibilities!

1 hour Session: $50

Package of (4) 1 hour Sessions: $160

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available!

Please contact Janine to set up your very own, very private individual, couple or small group sacred session in the Oneness Healing Field.

By appointment only.