Crown Chakra Blessings 


Master Teacher Crown Chakra Blessing

Financial Abundance

Giving and Receiving Love

Developing Soul Intelligence 
Developing Heart Intelligence
Developing Mind Intelligence


Opening the heart and Soul

Self-love and self forgiveness

Fa Qi Blessing

Tao Light Field Blessings

       1. For an organ, system, body part, or health issue.
  • Tao Light Field Blessing for one request for one organ, system,
    body part, or health issue

  • Spiritual Light Wall

  • Tao Jin Dan for the same request
    Tao Blessing System for Energy Centers


       2. For unbalanced emotions

  • Tao Soul Light Blessing for one unbalanced emotion

  • Spiritual Light Wall

  • Tao Jin Dan for balanced emotion:

  • Patience, to transform anger.

  • Joy, to transform depression and anxiety.

  • Love, to transform worry.

  • Courage, to transform grief or sadness.

  • Calm, to transform fear.

    3. Tao Blessing System for Energy Centers

  • Energy Centers: the five main energy centers are Lower Dan Tian, Kundalini, Message Center, Zu Qiao, and Third Eye.
    This system is available for human beings and pets. 
    The minimum fee is $300 per package.


  • Each package includes:

  • Tao Soul Light Blessing for one package

  • Spiritual Light Wall

  • Tao Jin Dan for the same request

  • Package 1: Lower Dan Tian, Message Center, Zu Qiao

  • Package 2: Kundalini, and Third Eye.

    Soul Mind Body Healing and Transmission System:

    1. One Organ

    2. Seven Soul Houses, Energy Circle, Matter Circle, and Wai Jiao

    3. Message Center, Divine Crown Chakra Blessing for Inner Peace.

Da-Ai-Calligraphy_big (1).jpg

Tao Calligraphy Blessing

A Tao Calligraphy will be created or traced specifically for your situation. 
Honor Fee determined by reading at the time of appointment.


SPECIAL! I am offering a FREE Tao Calligraphy Blessing for your sharing your testimony of receiving a Tao Calligraphy Blessing.
Can be in person (Boulder, Colorado) or remotely.*
For your testimony, you can choose to remain anonymous, or you can use your name or initials.

Minimum value is $1000!
To receive a FREE Tao Calligraphy Blessing, click 
I will contact you, to make an appointment.

Tao Hands pic.png
Minimum: $200.00
Pets: $100

Fees can vary, to be discussed during our consultation.


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