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Do you feel the call of your heart and soul to fulfill your Higher purpose?
Are you ready to Live your Higher purpose?

Are you ready to be empowered to heal and transform yourself, family, friends, colleagues and more?
Do you want to start a professional healing practice?

If you answered YES! to one or more of the above, this energy healing training course is for YOU!

Tao Hands are a unique and permanent spiritual light transmission, that instantly empowers you to give extraordinary Tao Hands Blessings for greater health and happiness. These special blessings can be offered in person and remotely. Tao Hands can serve yourself, your family and friends, pets, co-workers and colleagues, clients and patients, groups, residences, businesses, organizations, and more.

Tao Hands can Bless health, emotional and mental well-being, relationships, finances, business, spiritual journey and more. With regular Tao Hands Blessings, life challenges may be transformed, as Tao Hands Blessings nourish greater alignment with your true nature. This alignment is a key to success in any aspect of life. This extraordinary transmission can create miracles in your life and in the lives of others!

Certification qualifies you to call yourself a Certified Tao Hands Practitioner and to charge fees for your Tao Hands Blessing Service.

 Tao Hands Certification Program.
This is a three-day event led by Certified Master Teachers and Certified Tao Hands Practitioners in your local area.
You will receive the Tao Hands Transmission and be instantly empowered to offer Tao Hands Blessings. You will learn about the power and significance of receiving the permanent Tao Hands Transmission to offer service to yourself, family, friends, pets, co-workers and colleagues, patients and clients, groups, residences, businesses, organizations, in person and remotely, for health, emotional and mental well-being, relationships, finances, business, spiritual journey and more. You will practice applying your Tao Hands Transmission, for any aspect of life.


Steps to Become a Tao Hands Practitioner:

  1. Complete a Level 1: Soul Mind Body Alignment Workshop (A two-day and one evening workshop).

  2. Apply for admission to the Tao Hands Training Program through a Certified Master Teacher near you. Acceptance to the program is by spiritual guidance and recommendation by a Certified Master Teacher.

  3. Complete a Tao Hands Certification Workshop (A three-day workshop conducted by a Certified Master Teacher).

  4. Sign a Tao Hands Practitioner Agreement. All students must submit a signed Tao Hands Practitioner Agreement before being granted certification. This agreement defines the abilities being granted, the services he/she may offer as a Tao Hands Practitioner, as well as some spiritual and legal guidelines to protect him or her and the Tao Academy.

  5. Complete 10 Tao Hands Practice Sessions.

  6. Pass a written examination.

After all these requirements are met, you will be a Certified Tao Hands Practitioner!


Come and learn more about the power and significance of Tao Hands and becoming a Tao Hands Practitioner!

Come and receive a Tao Hands blessing for 1 personal request!

Tao Hands are a sacred and special transmission that activate within you an incredible ability to offer high level special blessings for healing and life transformation, to yourself, family, friends, pets, co-workers, groups, and more.

Tao Hands Practitioners can offer blessings, in person or remotely, for any aspect of life:

Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies
Energy Centers and Chakras
Business and finances
Spiritual channels
And more! 
Check calendar for dates!

For more information: https://www.drsha.com/taohands

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