"Janine is a very conscientious, proficient and kind teacher of Dr. Sha’s method for Healing.  I started her classes three years ago, and the many techniques that she has taught me for healing kidney, joint and toxicity challenges have been priceless, opening up a whole new method of healing beyond the physical or mental orientation.  Janine has a very strong grasp of Dr. Sha’s methods, having first healed her own body/mind/spirit, and then becoming a master teacher so that she could help others.


 I would probably be having another hip replacement surgery if not for Janine’s classes which gave me the opportunity to learn to heal my body and clear karmic tendencies.  Janine always presented each class with a thematic topic, and then guided us through simple, yet powerful processes to support our healing based on that topic.  We usually received a handout to take home and practice, or she would recommend that we read certain pages in one of Dr. Sha’s books to delve into more individual areas of healing.  Janine was always available for help outside of class.  If we felt challenged with our concerns in-between classes, Janine encouraged us to connect with her for more guidance.  She stays in touch with her students.


In a sense I did hire her to teach, since I kept returning to participate each time Janine held a series of classes.  I feel that she is a great extension of Dr. Sha’s Soul Healing methods.  Over the three years that I have worked with her, I have seen her own health challenges diminish and her body youthen.  She is a shining example of what this path is capable of giving to the world." Teresa

"I have taken many of Janine's classes. I have enjoyed each one. Janine has a special way of teaching that does not put me into overwhelm whenever I learn something new. I really am appreciative of that." Amy S.


"Janine is highly knowledgeable, experienced and passionate about her holistic and alternative healing modality, and has dedicated her life to it.  Thus, one could learn a great deal of wisdom from her. With this technique, her guidance and individual practice, a person could heal and transform completely every aspect of life.   

Janine is a very seasoned and highly qualified instructor both in higher education background as well as in a classroom setting . I am always amazed at her ability to be completely organized, thorough, and easy to understand as an instructor. She has an innate ability to foresee what a student or group of students needs and is able to work with everyone with ease and enthusiasm.  She is resourceful and innovative as well. With her years of experience, and innate ability, she is able to deal with all types of situations that have been a hindrance to someone’s healing whether emotional, mental, or physical and able is able to provide practical techniques to help one heal themselves. She is a dedicated instructor and aims to help all people reach their highest potential with integrity." K.Y.

"Janine is a lovely person. I can feel her love and she makes me feel very safe." Debbie H.

"Janine compassion does not end when the class ends. She always makes herself available to continue to assist others to progress on their healing and transformation journey. That is truly rare in my experience! Thank you so much Janine!" Barbara

"I attended one of Janine's free introductory classes. She showed a brief video of Dr. Sha's work and I was impressed! I was excited to learn more and signed up that very night for each of her upcoming classes and I am so glad I did! I have to say that meeting Janine has changed my life in so many positive ways. Brian L.